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The Lewistown Tea Party invites you to JOIN US! 

We are a very loose-knit organization, and membership doesn't involve a lot of rules or formality.  If you agree that government is too large and obtrusive, that conservative values are eroding, and that the Constitution should not be walked on, then you are already one of us, in spirit.  Please provide your name, address, phone number and e-mail address, so we will be able to communicate with you about upcoming events and news that you will find valuable.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER WITH THE LEWISTOWN TEA PARTY.

If you can contribute financially to the cause, that's great.   The Lewistown Tea Party is made up entirely of volunteers, who frequently cover expenses from their own pockets.  So your financial support is appreciated, but not required.
We recommend a $25 contribution for single members and $40 for families.  However, we gratefully accept any contribution you make to the Lewistown Tea Party.